Chocolate/Candy Boxes

Some old and some new. Some with original contents, most without!

Au Chat Bleu Chocolat
Au Chat Bleu Chocolat, rue St Jean at Le Touquet France. Founded 1912 by two sisters who chose to make chocolates of their great love the Blue Persian cat.
The Pompon Brest
The Pompon Brest, a salted butter caramel coated with dark and white chocolate, created by Pierre Le Petitcorps Macarons and Chocolates, 41 rue de Lyon, Brest, Bretagne. Created in homage to bachi sailors.
Cadbury's Double Decker Bus
Card bus made for Cadbury Limited, Bournville, Birmingham. Designed to hold two Double Decker chocolate bars. Date unknown. H: 58mm W: 110mm D: 48mm.

Cadbury's Double Decker Bus

Ice Cream

Conti & Son Ice Cream Tub
Homemade ice cream has been sold in Wales by the Conti family since 1946.
 Printed ice cream tubs. Date unknown. Waxed card. H: 49mm W: 55mm.

Conti & Son Ice Cream Tub

Ice Cream Label
Label from Duckworth and Co. (Essences). Founded 1885, Manchester. Manufacturer of flavourings and fruit compounds. H: 65mm W: 85mm.

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