The World of Machines

Another machine used to clear sites is a scraper. It is pulled by a powerful diesel-engined tractor and has a row of steel teeth and a blade which cut and level the ground.

The World of Machines, 2011 is a whimsical piece that evolved from instructions given in Pleasure with Paper, A. Van Breda, 1956. These were designed for children to create their own toys . I used pages from The World of Machines: Machines and Building, John Milsome, illustrated by Harry Sheldon, Burke Books, 1979 to construct my factory, adapting the buildings into boxes that can be opened to reveal images and type. Similar to Edwards Brain I used the graphics to determine where the folds would lie.

This piece was exhibited at the RBSA, Birmingham as part of the Open all Media, 2017.

Medium: Paper and Card. Dimensions: H:20cm W:33.5cm D:22cm.