German Protestants made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to count the days leading up to Christmas during the mid 19th century. Today children often open the Advent Calendar and as adults it is easy to forget the excitement that these gave us as a child.

Our family loves the build up to Christmas so I would like to share with you an advent calendar that will hopefully bring some magic and memories back. Each day up to and including Christmas Eve I will be posting a new door for you to open that reveals items from my collection of Christmas ornaments, decorations and ephemera.


December 1st

Vintage chenille Santas with composition faces, Japan, circa 1950’s. Toilet brush Christmas tree, c.1950’s.

December 2nd

Homemade wreath using assorted vintage glass baubles, dates mixed.

December 3rd

Vintage assorted Christmas boxes. Brush and papier-mâché Santa, Japan. Brown B. Shackman Dachshund Nodder, South Germany. Dates unknown.

December 4th

Hard white plastic running deers. Made by Rosbro Plastics US, c.1950’s.

December 5th

3ft Angel Pine aluminium Christmas tree. Walter Grafton & Son Ltd, Eltham, London, c.1950’s. Assorted plastic bells, dates mixed.

December 6th

Vintage Zoo with selected lead animals. Mica pinecone cone snowman playing a trumpet.

December 7th

Putz house with brush accent trees, Japan, c.1940’s/1950’s. Vintage haberdashery glass shop cabinet filled with assorted vintage baubles.

December 8th

Two candy containers, a venetian dew covered snowman, marked foreign, c.1940’s/1950’s. Plastic Santa in sleigh, US, c.1950’s.

December 9th

Antique Spirit of St. Louis Christmas ornament with spun glass wings, free blown glass body, wire wrapped, metal wheels and Dresden trim. Germany c.1900.

December 10th

Folk art goat standing inside a composite fence. Goose feather tree. c.1910-30.

December 11th

Celluloid musical, wind up carousel. Japan, c.1950’s-60’s.

December 12th

3ft Angel Pine aluminium Christmas tree. Walter Grafton & Son Ltd, Eltham, London, c.1950’s. Glass teardrop icicle ornaments, c.2010.

December 13th

Four vintage Russian blown glass Christmas clip on ornaments. Rabbit playing a drum, snowman, clown playing flute and a chick. c.1950/60’s.

December 14th

Vintage wrapping papers, dates mixed

December 15th

Made by Panaura these perspex shells with foil interiors came in a variety of shapes and colours, c.1960’s.





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